iSTEPS is a small step ahead towards the goal of carving professionals out of the young graduates. iSTEPS founded in 2014.

Joint venture of US based recruiters and Indian Corporate Trainers to meet the demand of US & Indian IT companies with skilled professionals.

Specializations – Recruitment for US & Indian IT firms, Software Development, Corporate Training (in-house), College campus training and recruitment.

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Modules developed by us is well researched, after meeting professional HR consultancies and HR heads of various corporate. Thus, while the modules are aimed at making the young graduates professionals, the modules are also highly interactive and propose to make these youngsters job-ready.
The module is aimed at making the youngsters job-ready and also successful professionals in their careers. Module engulfs coaching on communication skills – verbal and non-verbal, skills for working in a team, Group discussion, General office and business etiquettes and interview attending skills. The aim is to offer everything is a very varied, interactive and understandable methodology.
While the basic method is through power point presentation, there are over a dozen activities which will be conducted throughout the module delivery. The module is designed with about 40 – 50% interactive activity.